Before you place an order with Pinnlee we work with you to provide you with the product you are searching for, in combination with the delivery method that suits best to your needs.


Thanks to our worldwide network of producers and logistics companies, we're often able to present our clients with several options regarding product, timing and delivery methods. Our logistics department is highly experienced in dealing with all types of delivery and transportation possibilities. We kindly invite you to contact one of our Pinnlee representatives which are able to share our logistics expertise with you and find a solution that suits you best.



How we work


We co-operate with high standard farmers and producers in different regions around the world. Each of them is selected with care to ensure it meets the highest Pinnlee standards. Outsourcing our production with reliable producers with whom we have created a long term business relation, enables us to supply Pinnlee products at the most competitive prices, regardless of the ever-changing market conditions.



Our products meet the highest quality standards in the industry. Our own quality assurance and audit- team monitor the manufacturing process by conducting frequent visits on the producer’s premises, guaranteeing our customers products of excellence. This entails approving raw materials, auditing plants, working with producers on continuous improvement programs and the execution of third party lab test analysis of final products.



We have introduced our own brand ‘Tulip Stars’ which stands for excellence and reliability on a global level. We can store those, together with other bags in one of our warehouses in China and in The Netherlands. These are located near to the most important ports in the country for our customers to benefit of having the possibility to make use of both sea freight as well as road transport.



Throughout the years we have learned to work with the most reliable logistics partners. Due to our growing number of container volumes we ship we are able to get premium freight rates from our logistics partners, being able to offer even more competitive prices where customers are able to benefit from.


In this dynamic world we are living in is demanding more and more of our transport techniques and technologies, we ensure that our products are always delivered intact and on time.



Pinnlee’s customers take centre stage in our operations, where we aim to find excellent products, in combination with the best suitable service which can only be realized by opting personal customer attention. We believe in creating long-term business relationships, where Pinnlee aims to not only be a supplier of raw materials, but our clients can consider us more as a business partner, where we are your eyes on the market.