Passion for making quality affordable

With over decades of experience and expertise, we take great pride in bringing you top quality products in combination with personal customer service. In the complex global supply-chain, the needs of manufacturers, traders, distributers and customers overlap. Shorter delivery times, increasing food ingredient prices, rising quality expectations and food safety regulations, impose continuous challenges throughout the whole supply chain. This is why we offer you a flexible combination of continuous improvements in food and feed safety management systems that are covered by GMP+ certifications and laboratory testing covering intrinsic product safety, reliable deliveries and protection.



GMP + FSA Assured

The GMP + certificate is of great importance for all parties that work with animal feed.

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SKAl-eu bio

Pinnlee is certified as organic supplier by Skal the Dutch national certifier for organic produce and products, with license number 01285. Skal controls according the EU rules for organic and is internationally recognized. For more information, visit www.skal.nl.

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