Position: Sales Operation

Department: Operation Department

Reporting To: Operation Manager

Base: The Netherlands office

Scope: From Sales Contract Confirmation to Delivered & Paid


1.     Sales contract (Issuing, signature, registration & Monitoring)

2.     Delivery Plan

Ø  Label

Ø  Documents request

3.     Transportation insurance

4.     Shipping documents processing

5.     Customs clearance

6.     Vessel Company’s Release

7.     Warehousing

8.     Logistics & Delivery

9.     Payment

10.Inventory monitoring

11.Supporting Sales Manager

12.Working Sheet Update (Master file)

13.Reporting (Weekly basis)

Position Requirement:

Language Request   : Fluent English

Experience Request : 1 year similar job

Capability Request    : Skilled Office Software

Education Request : Bachelor’s degree with International Trading Major or English


If you are interested in this position, please send your CV with contact to